Obama’s approval ratings are up!

Obama’s approval ratings are higher than Ronald Reagan’s at this point in their respective eight-year administrations. Could it be, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and now that the Obama White House years are almost over, President Obama is starting to look more and more like a classic American president, one that represents America in a dignified manner that should make Americans proud?

How so? Look at the way the rest of the free world views this president (good). Look at his hall-of-fame presidency (impressive). Look at his accomplishments (many). Look at his approval ratings. Up

How the 1990s became the “gay” 90s in the 2000s

We didn’t know how truly gay we were during the Bill Clinton White House years until they were over (the old definition of gay: happy!). He had about a minute of peace near the end of his administration, after the impeachment scandal ended, but next thing we knew, America was reeling from the most contested election in modern times, one decided by a partisan Supreme Court that saddled us with a bozo named Bush.

Next thing we knew after that, the bozo never got the memo that America was about to be attacked and 9/11 threw us into a tizzy, the repercussions of which will reverberate for the next 100 years (as much as the Great War of 100 years ago reverberates today).

Upon further review, Bill Clinton presided over a relatively peaceful and prosperous period in our country’s history, much like Ike in the 1950s. Safe and friendly skies along with balanced budgets and a surplus suddenly look a lot greener on this side of the dateline, eh?

So Bill had a problem keeping it in his pants. What man hasn’t? Oh, wait, I know one: Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama’s approval ratings are a sign that we’re better off as a country than we were eight years ago.

For the last eight years, we’ve haven’t had to worry about the president of the United States keeping it in his pants or being a bumbling idiot who doesn’t know how to use his brain for good. And how about the fact that fewer American soldiers have been put in harm’s way or suffered casualties under Commander-in-chief Obama?

All the metrics for the Obama administration are off-the-charts good. And now that we’re looking at who may replace him, he’s looking like one mighty fine, presidential president in the rearview mirror.

Obama’s approval ratings are up.