Felt the Bern, now ready for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

I’m finally ready for Hillary Clinton to be my president. That was my mindset today as I made my way to the same voting precinct where eight years ago, I voted for the first black president of United States of America, and four years later, voted to reelect the first black president.

On this, the day of the California primary for the 2016 general election, I’ve finally decided who gets my vote to be Barack Obama’s successor: though Bernie Sanders may know best, I’m ready for women to take control of this world. It’s high time we get some of the testosterone out of the global game of Risk and let the women work it out. 

Ready for Hillary Clinton to run the world

Beyoncé’s song “Run the world (Girls)” may be aspirational, but America needs its own Angela Merkel, a strong female leader. The entire world needs more strong female leaders. It’s a pretty good bet that more women running the world would lead to less war and more compassion. And less corruption, egocentric behavior, aggression, extra-marital affairs.

Hillary Clinton has the chops and the credentials and I’m ready for the most experienced and qualified person running for the job and not constitutionally barred from a third term (yeah, I’m talking to you, Barry.)

I’m ready for Hillary, as opposed to Bernie, a man with no foreign policy experience who’s intent on turning America into an even more socialist nation — a good thing, indeed, but a pipe dream without an un-gerrymandered super majority in Congress.

So Hillary wins … my vote anyway. As far as her critics and the so-called scandals: not one of them resonates with me.

Pretty cool that in my adult life, I’ve voted for a black president (twice!) and now a female for president. Talk about a long way from that old world I used to call my youth.

Next stop: the voting booth.