Read excerpts from “Walt Loves the Bearcat”

Along the way—to quote one review: “The novel embraces serious topics: interracial queer relationships, homophobia in the professional sports world, gay bar culture and one-night-stand stereotyping, black life on the down low, and living with AIDS.”

Sometimes, it’s rather difficult to convey to potential readers the depth and range of the book. That’s why excerpts offer a unique glimpse into what my forth novel is all about.

Randy Boyd’s Blocks is ripe with excerpts from Walt Loves the Bearcat and the whacky life of Walt, the QB, and his Bearcat, the black male cheerleader.

Why, there’s the time they experienced one of the most bizarre finishes in football annals during the “Frozen Ref” game in Buffalo, and the “sequel” to that game, where one poor sap was tongue-tied at an undisclosed location. Then there’s what the openly gay pro quarterback told his teammates about the locker room.

WLTB is also chocked full of autobiographically-inspired moments, some of which are in excerpted in blog posts such as, black teen’s tough choice: play sports or be a fag, worst night in a black college boy’s life, and so I though I could dance (about how I became interested in cheerleading).

Another reviewer said Walt Loves the Bearcat was more than a jock romance and called it “a self-aware and expansive rumination on how stories can be told, why they are told, and how reality often interrupts its animated poetic idealism” and said it “reverberates with soulful queries into the nature of love and life.”

Those soulful queries are also on display as excerpts on my blog, including thoughts about homosexuality and the American father, what is God?, and the true gift of Santa Claus.

Starting to get the idea Walt Loves the Bearcat is a big book about dreams and ideas, big and small?

With all that in mind, I’d like to recommend potential readers keep in mind what the (first) aforementioned reviewer ultimately said about my very long opus.

“Walt Loves the Bearcat is first and forever a love story, one written with a roller-coaster brio and a magical intensity that demand—and deserve—the reader’s perseverance.”

Walt Loves the Bearcat is available as a print book and ebook, and most ebook sellers also offer the option of downloading a sample (more info here).

So what are you waiting for? Get in the game and find out why Walt loves the bearcat!