Showering with gay guys

“You’ve already shared the locker room with men who have had sex with other men. This much is true. Whether you know about it or not, whether they tell you about it or not, whether or not you accept it, whether or not it’s you personally, you have already stripped naked, stood naked, scratched naked and showered naked in front of men who have sex with men.”

Still in good hands

Obama Time magazine

Thank you, every single dead soul who endured unimaginable hardship to make [Barack Obama’s] historic inauguration day possible. The Africans who were kidnapped from their villages, marched across Africa, ferried across the sea, unloaded off the ships and sold into a life of slavery in America, those Africans are all dead; but they’re descendants are now in good hands, and life is only going to get better from here to eternity.”

Little boy, big dream

“I’m going to dream of all the NFL coaches learning to live with or deal with or tolerate or accept without judgment or open their hearts to all players regardless of sexual orientation.

“It may seem like an unrealistic, child-like dream, but I remember a little boy who once dreamed his city would someday get a football team and do great things, even though the odds were stacked against his city and his dream.”