Beware of the Poz People!

Attack of the AIDS Monster

They emerge from the depths of sin and depravity, invade your world by surprise, then take over your body, your mind, your entire being! Their goal: make you one of them, a terrifying, demonic, disease-ridden, sick and dirty excuse for a human. They have no morals, no values, no mercy! They must be avoided at all costs or you will perish like them!

What can a lone, helpless citizen do about the Poz People? You could avoid anyone who isn’t clean and never go near a tortured soul who admits to having HIV/AIDS. Or you could use your brain and learn how to live with Poz People. You could even have sex with Poz People without acquiring HIV, but only if you educate yourself about safer sex. Which move will you make? How will you survive? What about those among us who don’t admit to being one of the Poz People?

Now, go inside the mind of a Poz People and witness his desperate, depraved thoughts in H.I.V.-P.O.V., now and forever on Randy Boyd’s Blocks.