Black man hoping and dreaming

“Even in defeat, in the most chill despair, in the most boundless of cynicism, there had to be hope.” — Once An Eagle, Anton Myrer

I hope Barack Obama is elected President of the United States of America. I hope Americans remember that Barack Obama is neither a black man nor a white man but a man born of black and white. I hope Americans remember that black and white aren’t even colors. I hope Americans realize that Barack Obama’s “race” is all in the mind.

I hope Americans fully understand that all men and women are descendants of the same ancestors. I hope Americans come to accept evolution the way Americans have come to accept CSI shows and the Maury Povich Paternity Test Hour, cultural applications of the science that proves that evolution is guilty of being the Baby Daddy of All Living Things.

I hope to live a very long and healthy life. I hope that by the end of my very long and healthy life, Americans won’t be so blinded by colors, races, sexual orientations or what science tells us about the rock on which we live. I hope that I always have hope. I hope my dreams do come true.