“When in doubt, feed the dog” is good, too

Randy Boyd, Boomer

It’s said that dogs know many words and I believe it. Aside from his name, Boomer knows exactly what I mean when I say treat. And he knows tons more words—of course, the standards like come and sit—but he also knows words and phrases unique to our lives, like “be back,” “Granny’s coming,” or one of my favorites, “Daddy Time,” which Boomer understands to mean: time for Boomer to take a nap and time for me to be my own version of what I like to call a male sexual dawg.

(A man’s gotta have his treats, too.) So do neutered dogs, and fortunately for Boomer, he gets his every time he hears me utter the word treat! He also gets to star in my novels as characters like Hip, the golden mutt in Walt Loves the Bearcat.

It works out pretty well, our communication. Although I must say, Boomer gets a lot more treats than I do.

Note 2 Self: Post some excerpts of Boomer’s appearance in Walt Loves the Bearcat in a future installment of When In Doubt, Pet the Dog, my memoir or column or blog feature or periodic journal thingy about my single-black-author-life with Boomer, aka Fat Dawg, aka Daddy’s Special Buddy.