A Black lesbian president?

Can a black lesbian be President of the United States? It was a query posed by the professor of my cultural anthropology class in college in the early 1980s. He was giving examples of the kinds of people least “preferred” by our culture, a female who was black and lesbian being the furthest type away from straight white males of his example.

Consider the presidential election of 2008 a pivotal moment for cultural perceptions. Today, a lesbian can be whatever she wants to be, regardless of her color. A little further on down the cultural evolutionary road, she can even be president.

She can also inspire questions about lesbians in my second novel, Bridge Across the Ocean. But what is the subject of dykes doing in a story about the boyhood adventures of a man living with AIDS? Find out, and see how the perception of lesbians has changed over the last two decades in What Is a Lesbian? 1988-2008