The biggest fag in the 8th grade on men


I grew up in a second generation sports family. Sports was my second language. Sports was our family’s metaphor for life, what brought us together, what tore us apart, what made us who we are.

It was through sports that I first learned I was a fag, a term first assigned to me by a basketball player in junior high. “To the biggest fag in the 8th grade,” he wrote in my yearbook. Eventually, I learned that being a fag and playing sports were incompatible, so I quit sports.

In my adult years, I realized that I had it twisted. Being a faggy fag who was open about it was what was incompatible in the minds of those in the sports world. Had I suppressed my faggy side and kept my mouth shut, I could have played sports forever, gotten married to a woman and had all the sex I wanted, with my wife, with other men and women, and best of all, I could have enjoyed more sex with equally “straight” athletes than I ever dreamed possible.

Oh, to have been a man who knew he had the option to lie …

Oh, to be a man who helps to expose the big fat lie. Men fuck around with men! Call it what you want, men fuck around with men: when they’re horny boys, when they’re horny teenagers, when they’re horny men.

Boyd knows balls

Gay, straight, even bisexual, those are words people use for convenience. Men fuck around. Men get drunk and fuck around. Men wrestle one another and fuck around. Best buds bunk together for the night and fuck around. Husbands get sucked off in bookstores. Married men go to bathhouses. Restless dudes post online ads saying, “my girlfriend’s away, I want to try some dick up my ass.”

Athletes are no different. We’ve all sucked dick. We’ve all had our dicks sucked by other men. The sooner we can accept this truth, the sooner we can get away from the stereotypes that hold society back.

I’m a 6’3″, 225 pound big, black buck with a prototype sports body. I come from a sports family and love to play sports! Think my high school, the North Central Panthers of Indianapolis, Indiana, could have used a body like this in football or basketball?

By high school, I killed my sports dreams. The reason: I didn’t want to face more of the already harsh treatment I was getting from the jocks. They were on to me; they knew I was a fag.

But I could have been a fag who plays sports, had I the courage to face the abuse. And I could have been a fag who plays sports had the jocks not regarded fags as something worthy of abuse.

I’m determined to get the word out: men fuck around. Every sporting event ever held has included men who have had sex with other men. Call it what you want, men fuck around. I know. I’m not a scared little kid anymore. I’m a man and I’ve seen men in action. Men fuck around. All men, including the men who play sports on every level. I know this to be true with every fiber of my being. Men fuck around.