The first Randy Boyd book


Three closeted celebrities. One homophobic US Senator. A deadly plan of assassination. A straight FBI agent out to stop it.

Othello is a black pop star who wants to start his own gay rights revolution. Raider is a straight white FBI agent who goes undercover to bust up the “gay goodfellas.”

A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues, from the mansions of the Hollywood Hills to the casinos of Atlantic City, from the NBA playoffs to the back roads of the Deep South. Which side will you be on?

Uprising, the suspense thriller, a Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Best Mystery and Best Small Press Title

Reviews for Uprising by Randy Boyd

“A provocative compelling tome that is decidedly not politically correct. The story, part thriller, part love story, adds up to a morality tale that basically asks the reader: is violence ever justified?” IN Los Angeles


“Not only is Uprising thoroughly entertaining as a suspense thriller, [it] deals frankly and directly with some of the most important issues of our age.” The Blade Newsmagazine

“A striking, exciting and thought-provoking thriller. Though it works effectively as sheer entertainment, Uprising also raises questions about activism and how far the queer community should go in responding to the radical right.” Zenger’s Magazine

“Randy Boyd is a book-smart brother to watch out for. Uprising offers a surprise at every turn.” Kick Magazine

“I hope Randy Boyd’s rowdy political thriller is flattered by much imitation, since it’s one of the best adventure reads I’ve encountered in many a year. And certainly the most original.” Richard LaBonté, Q Syndicate Bookmarks