Homo QB wins the big one, but at what price?

Imagine a white pro quarterback who’s out to win his second Super Bowl ring, further etching himself as one of the all-time greats.

That could describe either starting QB in Sunday’s Super Bowl game in Tampa, but what if the circumstances were different? What if the winning QB wasn’t Kurt Warner of Arizona or Big Ben of Pittsburgh?

What if the QB were homosexual, a little crazy and kinda cocky? What if he had a secret, lifelong romance with a black cheerleader he met in college? What if together, they dreamed of shocking the world someday by announcing their love?

Sound like a fantasy? Or fiction? For me, it was both. When I was a college cheerleader in the last century, I had a dream. A black cheerleader. A white quarterback. Meet the Mr. and Mr. Jackie Robinson of gay sports history.

That fantasy became my fourth novel, Walt Loves the Bearcat, a story of love, football and some very potent daydreams.

Trouble is, even in dreams, things don’t turn out as planned. Before the fictional QB and his Bearcat get the chance to come out on their own, the world gets in the way and how.

Prior to their second Super Bowl, the boys suffer a big blow, causing one of them to lapse into a coma while the other is left to explain their relationship, suddenly in the public eye.

Did I mention the incident happens the week before the big game? Yep, I put ’em through heaven and back. That’s what heroes must endure before changing the world as we know it.

Walt Loves the Bearcat, a Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Best Romance, is available wherever books are sold.