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A certain fictional piece about gay ballers in the NBA generated quite a stir on in 2001, and again in February 2007, when John Amaechi, one of the players on the list, admitted he was homosexual. Also on the list was Tim Hardaway, the former player who caused a stir of his own by saying he hated gays.

What does the author of the list know about ballers, you ask? Find out in The Man Who Pegged Amaechi and Hardaway as Gay Speaks Out.

The word gay use to mean happy, then came to mean homo, but now gay is something altogether different, which doesn’t make this gay man very gay about calling himself gay.

I mean, whoever said I have to call myself gay? The same people who anointed me Negro, then black, then African-American? And what about my lifelong dreams of eating out women? I hereby declare, fuck all that!, and announce that I, author Randy Boyd, am still black but No Longer a Homo. So proposition this!

Once upon a time, a young boy contracted HIV/AIDS during the initial AIDS Panic of the 1980s. Like the Beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, he was shunned by the townfolk, the schoolfolk and most of the world. Then one day, the world declared the existence of innocent victims of AIDS, the babies and the blood-transfused, like the boy, whose name was Ryan White.

If Ryan White were alive today, he would be in his late thirties. If he went on the Internet and tried to find companionship, he would read countless personal ads looking for mates who are clean and disease-free only. Which makes me wonder: Would You Say That to Ryan White?

He’s been in the White House two whole weeks and President Barack Obama has not solved the historic financial crisis I like to call the Repression. What gives? Is the first black man-in-charge gonna make change or what?

But seriously, I kid the President! True, Obama’s a genius, but the brutha’s gonna need time, help, patience and a few more impossible dreams come true in the next four-to-eight. Or Mr. President can simply follow my path to glory with Three Quick Fixes to End America’s Financial Crisis. Yep, it’s that easy here on the Blocks!