The sins of big government


For most of history, there was no government. First there were wandering clans, then tribal leaders, then feudal lords and kings and queens. A short time ago, government was born, at first as a mediator between royalty and the rest of us.

Eventually, government became big enough to topple the power of kings. Let’s see what big government and all that red tape has done with our lives ever since:

Big government created laws ending child labor, freeing up thousands of American kids from dank, dangerous mines and factories.

Big government created public schools for those newly unemployed kids to attend, and for their kids to attend, and their kids, and their kids and your kids.

Big government created all those roads and highways Americans drive on, complete with stoplights, speed limits and maintenance (ever since the US auto companies convinced said big government to build paved roads for the newfangled horseless carriage).

“Big government is the only way to get your money back when a bank folds.”

Big government keeps the drug war that’s happening this-close to our southern borders–the war that’s killed over 20,000 in the last few years–from spilling over to a neighborhood near you. So far.

Big government locks up pedophiles.

Big government gives you access to a list of said pedophiles.

Big government locks up killers, Bernie Madoffs, Timothy McVieghs, shoe bombers.

Big government is responsible for most older Americans having money every month, or medical care when needed. Or wheelchairs. Or home nursing. Or nursing homes.

Big government gives us the military, a place where many a wandering young soul has found his or her purpose and way in life.

 “Big government makes mistakes, like any human endeavor.”

Big government keeps your food safer. When’s the last time you died from eating something?

Big government makes it possible for most Americans to go to college.

Big government is the only one who has a newly unemployed person’s back.

Big government is the reason your home is built better and safer than homes in places like Haiti and Mexico.

Big government is the only way to get your money back when a bank folds.

Big government is the only entity capable of granting and enforcing the rights of peoples that would otherwise have no rights: blacks, Native Americans, women, gays, Latinos, atheists, dissenters, people who don’t own property, and so on.

Big government is the engine that makes possible the electricity in your home, the water coming out of your faucets, the stop sign on the corner, the park your dog poops and plays in. Try getting those things without big government.

Big government makes mistakes, like any human endeavor, but big government is the thin line between modern civilization and living in a lawless land. Take your pick.

Long live big government.