Un-American acts in America: a brief history

Randy Boyd

When America gained its independence from Great Britain, America became the land of the free.

Free, that is, for white, male property owners, the only people allowed to vote. America was theirs. They were America. USA! USA! USA!

A few decades after the American Revolution, a few more common folk earned the right to vote. Oh, you still had to be white. And male. You just didn’t have to be a wealthy property owner.

“This is un-American!” some rich white men cried. “They’ll destroy the America we know and love!”

Several decades later, even more folks got the right to vote. Oh, you still had to be male. But if you were a male of color and wanted to risk your life, you were welcome to try ‘n’ cast a vote.

“What’s happened to the America we know and love?” some rich white men cried (before they went out and starting lynching would-be voters).

Several decades later, even more Americans got the right to vote. First women, then Native Americans, then the very poor. Then the black people who previously faced death squads for exercising their right to vote were given armed backup.

“The America of today is not the America I grew up in,” some rich white people cried each and every time other voices were allowed to speak up.

Today, whites, blacks, women, Latinos, Native Americans, Asians and other Americans rich and poor have voted into office the first black president, who isn’t doing anything all that different from most of the white presidents before him.

“He’s a socialist Muslim destroying the America we know and love,” some rich white people cry with each and every un-American breath the black president breathes.

This concludes this brief history of un-American acts in America.

Welkomme to Amerika.