USC or UCLA: who throws a better party?

UCLA’s Spirit Squad celebrates after a touchdown during a victory over USC at the LA Coliseum in 1983.

Waaaaay back in 1985, I graduated from college, capping off a four-year college cheerleading career spent cheering at USC, then UCLA for two years apiece.

Cheering for both the Trojans and the Bruins gave me a unique insight into the psyches of these crosstown rivals. Take the parties thrown by their athletic supporters.

USC alumni functions tend to be full of people who are dressed up, not down. Postures are erect. Cocktails are plentiful. At UCLA gatherings, folks are more casually dressed, laid back, less lawn-tennis-like, more liveliness, more music, more beer!

Make no mistake, both schools know how to party in the name of school spirit. It’s just that one school has a little more fun doing it. More beer!

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