My generation’s worst nightmare


“Remember when Rock Hudson got it and the media introduced AIDS to the world like we were all gonna die? We were all just out of college and freaking out! All of us wondering, what have I freakin’ done? And with who? Did I win or lose in the freakin’ sexual revolution lottery?

And people worried about every little thing,like spit and sweat and utensils. And can you get it at the gym, the doctor’s office, the bank?”

We were basically still college kids when Rock Hudson shocked the world in 1985. Marcus got the virus, graduated UCLA and became our generation’s worst nightmare overnight. Just like that. Hello, brand new world.”

—from Walt Loves the Bearcat
by Randy Boyd

Twenty-five years ago, I became HIV-positive. Twenty-five years later, I’m living to tell. My four novels feature four main characters who are black and HIV-positive. They’ve been nominated for five Lambda Literary Awards. Then there’s my blog column, HIV-P.O.V., here at Randy Boyd’s Blocks.

Find out what it’s been like, living as my generation’s worst nightmare for 25 years. See what keeps me going, what gives me strength, what breaks my heart. Hear my unique insight into the new HIV epidemic in America.

See life from my point of view in the blocks labeled HIV-P.O.V., now and forever at Randy Boyd’s Blocks.