If the Tea Party ruled the world

Sign of the times at a Tea Party rally.

Some say the Tea Party is full of racists. Some say the Tea Party is about lower taxes, lower deficit, fiscal responsibility. I say, the telling is in the doing.

If the Tea Party came to power in America, how would they achieve their goals? Would public schools get more or less money? What about social programs for the poor and disenfranchised? What about healthcare?

What about the other decisions governments must make? Like gays in the military? Gay Marriage? Civil Rights? Immigration? Abortion?

Think there’s a wide range of views on these subjects among Tea Partiers? Or do their views tend to overload one side of the scale, namely the side against gay rights or a woman’s right to choose?

Do Tea Partiers sound like rationale, reasonable adults willing to consider all sides of any argument? Do they seem welcoming, all-inclusive?

Why did the Tea Party form shortly after the first black President took office?

It may seem entirely circumstantial, but then again, one could say it’s merely coincidence the Klan formed shortly after black people gained their freedom in America.

If the Tea Party ruled the world, we’d see their true color: white.

We’d see their ultra-conservative social views. We’d see that the Tea Party is mostly comprised of conservative, white-male-thinking Americans who are unleashing decades-long, pent-up fear that the good ole boy America of yester-century is going, going, soon-to-be gone.

That is, unless the Tea Party can make America like it was before.

Before the rest of us had any rights or say.