Before it gets better

A video campaign tells young gay kids, It Gets Better, meaning life gets better after you grow up and no longer have to be gay-bashed at school.

After you grow up, you realize all men think about sucking dick. But before it gets better, you deal with insensitive idiots who call you names. I should know.

reshman year of high school, the star quarterback crushed my spirit by calling me, in so many words, retarded. It was the Day I Died in 9th Grade Gym Class.

Sophomore year, a basketball jock gave me a title much worse. Scott (Last Name Withheld) saw me alone in the halls and simply said: faggot. What I still wanna know, Scott (Last Name Withheld): Can We Be Faggots Together?

High School. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes you never forget the pain.