Behold the AIDS monster!

Living with AIDS in America is like starring in your very own monster movie. You get to play the sick and depraved villain, while everyone else is so afraid of you, they ignore you on the Internet and avoid you at all costs in real life.

The innocent victims in your monster movie are the townfolk living in your village. They’ve heard rumors about your kind. They’ve been warned by their elders about people like you.
The elders didn’t give them much advice, just: stay away from those ghastly beasts, don’t have sex with them and don’t try to understand them. AIDS monsters are just plain wrong. Stay away from the AIDS Monster, kids! Make sure you stay clean!

And the townfolk got the message. They vowed to stay away from HIV-Poz People. They put up warning signs, like CLEAN and DISEASE-FREE ONLY, which means that AIDS monsters are dirty and disease-ridden.

But you don’t feel dirty and disease-ridden. You, the monster of your own movie, feel misunderstood. You want to befriend the townfolk, maybe love one of them.

You want to tell the villagers that it’s possible to touch an AIDS Monster and AIDS won’t rub off. You want to show the world how people without HIV can have safe sex with people with HIV and the clean and disease-free can walk away … still clean and disease-free.

You want to explain to the townfolk that anyone can become an AIDS Monster, if anyone has unsafe sex with anyone, even with so-called neg people. You want to teach them that everyone can avoid becoming an AIDS Monster, if everyone has safer sex with both poz and neg people.

But the townfolk turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the pleas of the AIDS Monster. They prefer ignorance. They’d rather reserve their compassion for others. Indeed, the townfolk would rather AIDS Monsters were a thing of the past.

But you are an AIDS Monster living in the present, and there are countless more monsters just like you living in America. And each dirty and disease-ridden soul belonging to the Poz People is starring in his or her own monster movie in the minds of the Neg People.

Why else would so many Neg People be so afraid of touching those who aren’t CLEAN and DISEASE-FREE? UB2.

Are you afraid to look the AIDS Monster in the eye?

The AIDS Monster Movie Marathon, a Halloween tradition at Randy Boyd’s Blocks. Ghoulish fun for the whole family, featuring the exclusive Interview with the AIDS Monster!