World AIDS daydreaming 2010

It’s that time of year again when the whole world stops to acknowledge a disease so impactful, it’s got its own day now. In honor of the world’s AIDS day, here are some of my favorite postcards from my very own AIDS life.

Twenty-five years after Rock Hudson shocked the world, countless young men and women America are being infected with the virus daily. Find out three things you can do if you’re asking yourself the question: What If I’m Young, Gay and Poz?

Would you use the term “disease-free” in front of Ryan White, were alive today? Who’s Ryan White and why do I wish he were here? Find out in Dear Ryan White, Wish You Were Here

Magic Johnson is my hero, not for what he’s done on the court, but for what he’s done to help anyone infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Upon meeting the Lakers legend, I had one thing to say: Dear Magic Johnson, Thanks for Saving My Life

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