Best Blocks of 2010

And now, the nominees for Best of the Blocks 2010 in the category Best Overall Block:

When I Played Basketball, heartwarming, bittersweet tale of a young black boy’s hoop dreams.

Becoming the Man I Am, black author reveals how he became: educated, a writer, a cheerleader, homosexual and HIV-positive.

When I Played Football, the bittersweet, heartwarming tale of a young black boy’s football dreams.

President Obama’s Faults, the honestly brutal list of Obama’s biggest faults.

The Only Reason I’m ‘Gay’, black author declares he’s not Will. Or Grace.

Summer of One-Eighty, 18-year-old black youth comes of age in the summer of 1980.

15 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Young, Gifted and Black, adult man goes back in time to educated his kid self, if only in his dreams.

When the USC Sigma Chi’s Called Me Nigger, a young black student receives a brutally honest introduction to institutionalized racism at his institution of higher learning.

Cigarettes: the Real Gateway Drug, theory using the show Cops to demonstrate how smoking is linked to crime and the criminals who commit them.

And the winner is … a tie … between every single block, now and forever at Randy Boyd’s Blocks!