Time magazine nails it re: why we can’t hear the truth from Hillary or Trump

Donald Trump is a bully who uses words to force us into submission, one way or another, while Hillary Clinton is a woman using words we have no problem hearing from man—but in no way can handle hearing from women. That’s my takeaway after reading a Time Magazine article on the critical difference between why neither presidential candidate has appeared to be a credible bastion of truth to many voters during the 2016 election cycle.

In short, Trump plays language games, meaning he’s gaming the system. You know, like he games his businesses.

On the other hand, Mrs. Clinton has a language problem, pretty much because she’s a woman and subject to an über amount of scrutiny. The article goes on to further explain:

“We analyze Clinton’s and Trump’s ‘unlikableness’ as if they were the same thing. They’re not. Trump’s arises because of his individual and unique characteristics and history. He’s responsible. Clinton’s arises to a very significant degree because of the stereotypes we all carry unconsciously with us about how a woman should behave. Her unlikability is our failure, not hers.”

Simply put, we’ve been conditioned to believe most anything a straight white man says while disbelieving just about everything any woman ever utters.

Something tells me things may evolved differently after we experience the first female president of the United States of America.