Obama presidency captured in sentimental video

President Barack Obama has less than 100 days before he becomes former President Barack Obama. That means, in less than 100 days, I’m going to wake up from a sweet, sweet dream where I was living in America with the classiest black man (ever!) as president of these United States.

Hard to believe that only eight short years ago, electing a black man whose middle name was Hussein and whose father was Kenyan-born seemed like an Oprah Winfrey pipe dream.

Now we’ve seen President Obama go through just about everything any modern American president goes through, from triumphs to criticism. Good president, bad president—that’s all in the mind. But classy president, fun president, humane president, gracious president, great role model president—Obama wins, Obama wins, Obama won. Twice, as he once reminded the disrespectful members of Congress who clapped at the idea of him leaving office.

To help savor these last moments of an impossible dream come true, one Spiros Lena was inspired to make a wonderful tribute video featuring some of the most mememorable and tender moments of the Obama presidency, using the song “Don’t Go” by Jon Tarifa, an apt sentiment. At least we’ll have the memories.