A&U Magazine interviews “Randy Boyd, writer and HIV advocate”

Randy Boyd. Photo by Sean Black
Randy Boyd. Photo by Sean Black

“Boyd may have not had a clear goal in mind when he started writing at age twenty in the 1980s, but over the years he has found himself mining his experiences as a Black gay man living with HIV in order to map his insights about social inequities and injustices, as well as transport us through the emotional landscapes of his heart.”

So goes a passage in the February 2018 edition of Art & Understanding Magazine, featuring a profile and interview with … yours truly.

The article comes on the heels of the release of my new collection, The Essential Randy Boyd, Volume 1, featuring 10 stories, essays, blogposts and book excerpts that best define me.

The interview was conducted by Chael Needle with images by photographer Sean Black, both of whom seemingly wanted to probe deep into my soul in order to reveal the real me. I think they come pretty close — as close as my guarded self will probably allow. 🙂

In the piece, topics are aplenty, including what writers I’m currently reading, how I deal with the stigma that comes from living openly with HIV/AIDS, and the fact that positive portrayals of both persons with AIDS and male cheerleaders are rare, if non-existent, in the media. Plus, find out what advice I have for young writers (or people in general) who are living with HIV but hesitant to so in such a public and open manner.

A digital copy of Randy Boyd: Writer & Advocate is now available on the Art & Understanding website.