What kind of Black man can I be?

“When’s the last time you read a book, saw a movie, heard a love song, passed a billboard, saw a commercial on television, seen any image anywhere where the hot, sexy, funny, cuddly, warm, romantic, all American object of anyone’s affection was someone like me?

If you see me in the media, I’ll be the black man, but I won’t be a black man dreaming of being a spirit leader or a rocket scientist, or a black man dreaming of having one true buddy and feeling special, the kind of special that makes you feel worthy of romance and love, the kind we all dream about, as seen on TV and in the movies.

Our roles are always played by the Julia Robertses of the world, even if they don’t fit the part.”   —from Walt Loves the Bearcat

Model of myself

Randy Boyd, model

“We live in an age where we are inundated with countless images from countless sources, from TV to movies to pop-up ads. A huge percentage of those images deal with love, sex and romance. Still, rare or nonexistent is the occasion where I encounter an image that reflects who I am and what I dream of. Even rarer and more nonexistent is the occasion where I encounter an image that might encourage another soul to dream of loving someone just like me.” —from Walt Loves the Bearcat

So speaks a little black boy’s heart in a black author’s fourth novel. My novel. Several months ago, I wondered: “Why would I need a digital camera? What am I gonna take pictures of?” Sometime after that, I purchased a camera, still unsure of the answer. Thankfully, the black author has found the answer. And the little black boy’s heart is smiling at the pretty pictures.